Manufacture Of Building Materials

The invention relates to the production of developing supplies and solutions and can be employed in the manufacture of monolithic structures: floors, screeds under different floor coverings, plaster exterior and interior the manufacture of dry mixes for construction purposes, as effectively as fabricated merchandise: plates and panels for internal and external cladding of buildings, slabs, flooring, slabs, stairs, window sills, countertops, wall blocks, extrusives the UNT, magnesium oxychloride and other names) has quite 10 mauve and purple flowers for your garden a few properties that exceed the properties of Portland cement: high resistance to bending, tensile strength and shock resistance, low friction, highly decorative and so on, But the strength of magnesia developing materials and merchandise is typically insufficient.

The introduction of methyl cellulose eliminates the sedimentation of magnesium test, eliminates stratification of the phases of the test and the water segregation, significantly increases the uniformity of the formed stone, provides related properties for magnezialnyh mixtures and magnitometrov with any placeholders. As can be observed from the information table.six introduction when activated binder additives diatomite increases the strength qualities of 15-20%.Manufacture Of Building Materials

As can be observed from the data table.11, magnesite (sawdust) the composition according to the invention has a tensile strength of 27% above the related, light expanded clay aggregates – 24% greater in mixed aggregates (expanded clay + sawdust) – 30% greater. Recognized techniques of escalating the strength of magnesia components by the introduction of a variety of dispersion of mineral fillers: carautostrada merchandise (patent US 4838941), metal oxides (patent UZ 2151), crushed slag (ed.

5 introduction when activated binder additive white soot increases the strength traits in compression by 20-25%, Flexural strength by 25-30%. The introduction of these additives in the composition of the screed on mineral binders improves the flowability of the mixture, the ability my scandinavian residence to self-regulation and education level surface. White carbon and diatomite (diatomaceous earth) are siliceous active pozzolanic additives that improve the strength and density of magnesia stone.

As a outcome of activation in the joint grinding of silica sand (or other raw materials for the filler) and magnesite powder with mutual chemisorption of activated particles of magnesia binder that in the future not only increases the speed and completeness of the reactions of hydration, but also contributes to the interaction of magnesium oxide with a quartz powder in the presence of active chlorine ions with the formation of higher-strength water-insoluble compounds of the variety thick-serpentine-Kerala”.

In addition, when using activated with SP and quartz binder marked by the complete absence of next of salt efflorescence on the surface of merchandise. SU 523881, patent US 4174229), additive dispersions of polymer and copolymer containing vinyl acetate, vinyl propionate, alcoholate vinyl (patent US 3788870), calcium stearate (patent US 3753750) and other people, nevertheless, the introduction of the above additives offers insufficient concrete strength.

four. The method according to p. 1 or two, characterized in that the total mixture is additional added diatomaceous earth in the amount of 2-15% of the total mixture impose further alkali-resistant pigment in an amount of .two-5% of the activated powder caustic magnesia. It is identified experimentally that immediately after a joint grinding of superplasticizers (SP) with magnesite podroskoviechati magnesia mixture without slowing down the hardening and with out further cut down the strength of magnesian stone, that makes it possible for you to successfully apply molding manufacturing technology as prefabricated and monolithic merchandise.

The present invention makes it possible for to realize higher strength goods of magnesia binder. 8 introduction when activated binder additives methylcellulose increases brand strength parameters of magnetically by 25-40%, with the addition of methylcellulose is particularly powerful in lean” mixtures. For the typical composition of concretes with distinct additives tested (table.five, six, 7), confirming the versatility of the proposed process.

The introduction of these additives in the composition of the screed on mineral binders improves the flowability of the mixture, the ability to self-regulation and education level surface.

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