5 Ways to Keep Your Roof Replacement on Budget

You need to make sure to keep your roof in tiptop shape. The roof is the first defense of the home from outdoor elements. Keep in mind that your roof’s quality will decline over time. There are new roofs that get damaged earlier, and there are roofs that hold out longer.

Are you wondering if there are inexpensive ways to restore your roofing system to its former glory? Read on and find out.

Roof Replacement on Budget—this is one of the biggest concerns of homeowners when it comes to fixing their roof. You tend to gravitate toward DIY projects since you feel like you are able to fix it yourself. This shouldn’t be a practice to follow. There could be more roof damage if you don’t hire professional roofing contractors.

Don’t worry too much about how much a roof replacement costs since there are still ways to achieve this without hurting your pocket. Roofing contractors are not that expensive, and they can help keep your budget in check. All it requires is simple budgeting then you’ll have your new and strong roof in no time.

1. Plan Your Budget with Unexpected Expenses in Mind

It helps when you plan not only your budget around hiring professionals but also for other fixes too. There may be areas that the roofing contractors miss out or can’t detect at first. These unforeseen damages can lead to injuries and also extra expenses for you.

When you have an extra budget allocated for these, you won’t have to worry about overspending. You now have a little extension on your budget. This can cover the extra problems that weren’t uncovered before.

2. Start Planning Early On

If you want to save as much money when replacing your roof, it’s wise to plan beforehand. Don’t wait until your roof gets too much damage or when it becomes too old. Set up a solid plan for your roofing. Never rely on making on-the-spot decisions.

These on-the-spot decisions are causes for overspending. You act on impulse and don’t think about the long-term benefits of what you spend on. It’s something you have to avoid doing.

3. Keep Yourself from Changing Your Mind

Planning beforehand has its pros and cons. One of the cons is you tend to change your plans a lot. Don’t do this since it can mess up your budget. It’s okay to change plans when the condition of your roof also changes and you need to adjust your roofing plan.

4. Yet, omitting things because you feel like they don’t matter will affect your solid roofing plan. As much as possible, stick to your first plan. In this way, you get to keep your budget and have a durable roofing replacement plan.

5. Hire Professional Roofing Contractors

This is the most important decision of all. You can still keep your budget even if you hire professionals for the job. Roofing contractors have the skills, mastery, and the equipment to do the job.

When you hire them, you can be sure that your roof is in good hands. Professionals can replace the roof with ease and precision. They will also give you advice on what to do and not to do to keep your roof in its best condition in the coming years.

Your Guide to Standard Window and Door Sizes in Calgary

Upgrading the design on your windows and doors can be a great way to modernize your home, essentially giving it a facelift. In addition to aesthetics, newer windows increase your insulation, drastically cutting down on energy bills!

But before you jump head first into the fun stuff like design options, it’s important to know what size you’re going to need. After all, there is an overwhelming variety of options out there, and there’s no point getting your heart set of a particular design if it won’t fit your space.

Lucky for you, the team at Window Mart has put together a handy guide on the standard Canadian window and door sizes to make shopping for your new windows and doors Calgary a breeze!

Standard Canadian Window Profiles

Though window styles can vary greatly, most homes are equipped with windows that are standardized to fit certain popular sizes. Before doing anything else, measure the windows you’re wanting to replace in your Calgary home. Though some occasionally run into a non-standard size, you will likely find that your windows match one of the following standards.

Standard dimensions and glazing options for fixed picture windows are as follows:

Dimensions (In) Low Profile Glazing Dimension (1.5in frame) High Profile Glazing Dimension (3in frame) Surface Area Low vs. High (In2) Percentage Difference
24×12 21×91/8 181/16×61/16 191.63 vs. 111.76 71%
24×24 21×211/8 181/16×181/16 443.63 vs. 328.51 35%
24×48 21×451/8 181/16×421/16 947.63 vs. 762.01 24%
48×48 45×451/8 421/16×421/16 2030.63 vs. 1774.51 14%
72×48 69×451/8 661/16×421/16 3113.63 vs. 2787.01 12%  

Some alternate styles, such as awning or casement windows, will have different measurements.

Standard widths can range from 36” to 78”. Heights can vary even more, from 48” to the extra-tall 80” window. On occasion, however, custom windows may be used instead of standardized styles in order to achieve a certain aesthetic. 

Bear in mind, a poorly fitted and installed window or door may not be noticeable to the naked eye. Your wallet, however, will notice due to higher energy bills. Badly fitted windows could also decrease your property value. This is why it’s always a good idea to choose a trustworthy and professional window and door provider like Window Mart.

A few other handy window terms to get acquainted with

Casing: Casing is the plain or intricately designed trim around your windows. Casing dimensions can vary by manufacturer, but typically vinyl casings are 3 ⅜” or 2 ⅝” and rounded windows are almost always 2 ⅝”.

Brickmould: Brickmold is what moulds your windows to your home and is paramount to assuring your windows are secure, air-tight, and energy efficient. It’s usually best to select a brickmould strip that matches the brickmould on your current windows.

Jamb Extensions: Jamb extensions help cover rough openings created when connecting your window to the casing. Their size depends on the width of the windows and wall construction.

Canadian Regulations

Another key point to remember when selecting new windows for your home in Calgary is that your windows must comply with Canadian laws and regulations on a local and national level.

Below is an overview of size requirements. Further window and door sizing regulations for Calgary can be found here.

Door Sizing

Like your windows, most doors come in set standard sizes.

Exterior Doors: Often made from strong, durable materials.

  • 32″x80″x1 3/4”
  • 34″x80″x1 3/4”
  • 34″x82″x1 3/4”
  • 36”x80″x1 3/4”
  • 36″x84″x1 3/4”

Sliding Glass Doors: Typically used for patios and balconies, sliding glass doors provide a bright and welcoming environment.They are usually sized 6’8×6’, but custom sizes can be made to fit your space.

Interior Doors: Interior doors are often a standard height of 80” and thickness of 1 ⅜” and vary only in width.

  • 12″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 14″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 16″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 18″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 20″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 22″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 24″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 26″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 28″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 30″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 32″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 34″x80″x1 3/8”
  • 36″x80″x1 3/8”

Local Window Experts in Calgary Can Help

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by sizes and options, why not enlist the help of the professionals at Window Mart? Windows are our passions and we look forward to helping you find the perfect windows for your Calgary home. Call Window Mart or visit us today!

The Pros and Cons of TPO Roofing

Pros & Cons of TPO Roofing

These days TPO roofing is seen as a popular and innovative solution to dealing with weathering. A lot of people prefer to opt for the TPO roofing solution in commercial and residential areas. It allows for a cheap and efficient way for you to get protection for your house.

But real question is, does it really worth it to get TPO roofing done for your house. We’re going to be looking at some of the different pros and cons of TPO roofing so you can get a handle on what TPO roofing can do for you and if it’ll be the right fit for your home.

The Basics of TPO Roofing

TPO is short for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. It’s made from a matrix of different materials including rubber, fiberglass filler, and mainly ethylene propylene. This makes it a highly versatile, strong bonding, and inexpensive material for using in TPO roofing.

It’s something that been around for industrial and commercial uses since the ’80s. These days it has morphed into a membrane that can be reinforced with materials like fabric. TPO is typically made up of three layers sandwiched together which provide the necessary amount of insulation needed.

TPO roofing is generally used to keep heat and UV rays at bay. It’s applied on top of your roof where it works effectively. The top layer manages to reflect as much heat as it can from the surface of the roof. While the middle and bottom layers serve to absorb the remainder of the heat and prevent it from traveling downwards into the house. As a result, you get a cooler room without having to use up any resources.

Pros of TPO Roofing

Below is a list of advantages of having TPO roofing in your home

Cheap and Affordable

The best advantage of having TPO roofing is that it is incredibly affordable. As opposed to other solutions like insulating your walls or running an air conditioner, TPO roofing can be a much better and more cost-effective solution. The best part about TPO roofing is that if it ever gets damaged in any way, you can have it replaced at a very low cost.

Highly Versatility

A great advantage of TPO roofing is that it is very versatile in terms of how and where it can be used. It can be applied on just about any type of house or apartment out there. It also comes in a variety of colors, so you can get it to match your roof.

Durable and Resilient

TPO is notoriously resilient against most forms of weathering damage. It can withstand a lot of harsh conditions that can otherwise ruin other construction material.

Cons of TPO Roofing

Here are some cons of using TPO roofing

Can’t Withstand Extreme Weather

While TPO is considered a very resilient and tough material, even it can succumb to damage caused by extreme weather conditions. Anything like extreme heat, thunderstorms, or hail can cause your TPO roofing to get damaged.

Not Suitable for Long Term Use

TPO has been proven to provide great value for insulation jobs but it isn’t meant to be a permanent solution. After a while, it can develop damage like cracks and holes. Thankfully it doesn’t cost much to replace it.


TPO can be the perfect solution that you need to keep your home cool and protected. If you want to have TPO Roofing installed in your house, you may want to consider hiring a professional that can properly handle the job for you. Our personal recommendation for a reputable home improvement company goes to Legacy USA Service.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Las Cruces

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An American Marriage is a masterpiece of storytelling, an intimate look deep into the souls of persons who have to reckon with the previous although moving forward-with hope and pain-into the future.

Do You Need Professional Carpet Extractor?

Before I tell you if you need a professional carpet extractor, you must know what it is and in which regards are we deciding whether or not you need it.

What is Carpet Extractor?

Carpet extractor is what the name suggests. An extractor for carpet. Basically, it extracts dirt and debris from the carpet.

Now, how does it work?

In simple terms, the carpet extractor uses heated water to dissolve the dirt in the carpets. At first, using a pipe-like or jet-like part of the carpet extractor, the dirt, debris and food remains are separated and dissolved by the heated water. After that, the dissolved dirt is blotted or vacuumed to finally give you a clean and fresh carpet.

Why would you need a carpet extractor?

Now, to figure out if you really need a professional carpet extractor, you must know why would you want to use it.

Reason 1: A professional carpet extractor is easy to use

The first reason why you would require a professional carpet extractor is its ease of use. Like I explained, the carpet extractor just splashes hot water to the carpet to dissolve the dirt and then it is vacuumed – it is this simple. Even though we are calling it a professional carpet extractor, you really don’t need to be a professional to use it.  

You can use it even if you don’t have any prior experience with cleaning equipment.

Reason 2: It is convenient to use

The ease of use results in efficiency and convenience.

The carpet extractor itself is not very tough to carry, in fact, it is a one man’s job. Besides, you don’t need a lot of things to get the process done.

Reason 3: Carpet extractor saves a lot of your time

Due to convenience and efficiency, it saves a lot of your time.

Compared to other carpet cleaning equipment like a steamer, this carpet extractor works very fast. And definitely takes way less time than hand cleaning. In fact, you can clean several carpets within the same amount of time you’ll need to clean a carpet with hand.

The drawbacks or reasons why you might not want to use the carpet extractor

Now that you know what would someone want to use a carpet extractor, let get through the drawbacks why you wouldn’t want to use one.

Drawback 1: It might leave the carpet wet

As the carpet extractor uses the hot water to dissolve the dirt and then vacuum it, the carpet often remains wet, especially if the carpet is very thick.

Drawback 2: Mold infestation

When the carpet is left wet and used without drying it properly, mold can infest in the carpet without you even knowing.

Now, who would need a Professional Carpet Extractor?

First of all, if you have a big house, office, or any workshop/factory where you have several carpets that need cleaning every few months then you could purchase a professional carpet extractor. But if you have only one or two carpets in your house, you might want to save the money and spend it only something more efficient and useful for your household.

ROI For GTA Windows And Doors Replacement

If you do replacements of your interior or exterior GTA windows and doors, in the near future you are guaranteed of a remarkable return on investment, should you decide to put your home in the market. The return on investment for windows and doors in GTA is approximately 50%-100%. That should be a pull factor for anyone thinking to replace their doors and windows.

This is a good return for anyone thinking about selling his house in the near future. Here are some things you achieve when you install new GTA windows and doors. They are the key reasons why potential buyers attach high value to your home.

  1. Curb Appeal.

The first impression you create for your home is essential. When potential buyer come to your home, the first thing they see is your GTA windows and doors. If you have installed new doors and windows, your home will be appealing to the prospective buyers. The buyers who like your home even before they enter inside are more likely to quote the highest offer for your home. Hence the return on investment of your doors and windows will be higher.

  • Low Utility Bills.

Many people who are looking for houses to buy understand that modern doors and windows are more energy efficient compared to their predecessors. So, they will only consider houses that have modern replacement GTA windows. They know that purchasing a home that has energy efficient replacement windows and doors is like a long-term investment since they will use little energy to heat their home in the winter or to cool it during the summer. Lower utility bills are specifically a pulling factor for people taking huge mortgages for the first time.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint.

Nowadays the concern for the environment is at its peak. Energy efficient GTA windows and doors not only cuts on your monthly energy bills but it is environmentally advantageous. Therefore, prospective buyers will be looking for homes that have energy efficient elements since they will not need to install new windows and doors. In fact, buyers don’t like replacing windows and doors immediately they buy the home. So, if you expect to get a higher return on your investment, make sure everything is in place so a buyer will not have to change the home so much.

  • Ease of Maintenance.

Thanks to technology, we have GTA vinyl windows which are easier to maintain compared to wood. Vinyl material does not rot, crack or warp when exposed to weather elements which are the main limitation with wood fixtures.

Timber framed windows and also doors made of timber need constant maintenance if you want them to remain in shape. For vinyl windows and doors, you need just to wipe them using a wet rag to maintain them looking new.

Do’s And Dont’s of Bathroom Remodelling

According to statistics, the average person spends about three hours in the bathroom each week which makes the bathroom one of the important places in your house.

 And if your bathroom is outdated or old fashioned, or is beginning to look a bit shabby, then you probably want to renovate it to give it a new look and make it more comfortable.

There are many reasons why people want to remodel their bathrooms, but all of them fall into two categories: for comfort and increasing the property value.

The good news is that research shows that when you remodel your bathroom, you can recover up to 72% of the cost of remodeling it when you sell your home. But if that’s not what floats your boat, then, the renovation will certainly give it a well-deserved refresh that you and your family will enjoy every time you use it.  

Here are some helpful suggestions that might be of use to you if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom.

pict attibuted by pixabay.com

DO: Choose The Right Tile For Your Bathroom

If you are going to change the tiles in your bathroom, make sure to choose the right tile for your bathroom. Avoid porous stone tiles like limestone because it can get discolored over time. If you are going to go for natural stone tiles, you might want to go with slate or marble.

Also, avoid linoleum or vinyl because they can be very difficult to seal due to the seams that exist in between these tiles, you may want to go for porcelain tiles instead. Porcelain tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can even mimic the look of linoleum or vinyl if that’s really what you want.

In addition to these, make sure that you choose tiles that are not slippery so you may want to choose tiles that have a matte or sandy finish so that you can have a bit of traction especially when you are getting out of the shower wet.

DON’T: Move The Ventilation or Plumbing

When you are renovating your bathroom, try to resist the urge to move the plumbing even though you might think it’s a good idea to move the shower to the other side of the bathroom because it can be complicated and not to mention expensive. So while nobody is stopping you from moving the plumbing to a different place, it’s not recommended. So try to base all your bathroom remodeling around the existing plumbing in your bathroom.

Another thing that you don’t want to touch is the ventilation in your bathroom for the same exact reason why you don’t want to touch the plumbing. And, while we are on the subject of ventilation, install one if your bathroom currently doesn’t have a source of an exhaust.  Ventilation is important because it prevents molds and it keeps your bathroom smelling fresh.

DO: Be Honest With Your Skills

You may have all the plans laid out on how to renovate your bathroom, and are planning to go the DIY route. There is nothing wrong with doing the remodeling yourself, but, before you jump into an ambitious project, take some time to assess if you have the skills needed to successfully complete your remodeling project. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t and turn to the trusted local professionals in your area for help.

DON’T: Do Plumbing And Ventilation Yourself

Unless you’re a plumber by trade or an HVAC professional leave the plumbing and the ventilation to the experts. The first reason is that depending on which country you live in, plumbing and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) requires someone that has professional certification.

And, even if you live in a place that doesn’t require certified professionals to do these, plumbing is not something that you want to fool around with because plumbing mistakes, especially in the toilet, are not going to be a pretty picture.

DO: Choose a Style That Will Last For a Long Time

Unlike curtains that you can change in a whim, or a bed that you can easily buy and replace if you want, bathroom fixtures like the shower or the sink are not something that you can replace immediately. The same goes for bathroom wall tiles. So in decorating your bathroom, you might want to go for neutral shades and colors that are timeless and will still be stylish ten or twenty years from now.

If you have the budget for it, you can consult an interior design professional on how to best decorate your bathroom. But, if you decide to do it yourself there are many software available that can help you with it. Just as the construction company has a construction software for bidding to help them get projects,  there are interior software or apps that make use of augmented reality or the placement of virtual objects in a real environment to help you visualize on how your projects will look like.

The bathroom is perhaps the most underrated room in our house, but we’ve all had moments that we want to be alone and unwind, and the bathroom has been our fortress of solitude to take a bath or a shower to refresh our minds and body. And a nicely remodeled bathroom can make it more relaxing for you so that you can recharge yourself in style.

Things You Should Understand About Vinyl Windows Whitby.

Vinyl windows Whitby are the most preferred window materials for most homeowners across the whole of Whitby. The reason is quite apparent; the material is more durable than the other common materials such as aluminium and steel. When compared to wooden materials, they require little maintenance.

To make sure that your windows remain in good condition to withstand the extreme weather in Whitby here we have listed some guidelines you should adhere to for general window maintenance and care. We recommend that you inspect your windows Whitby annually to make sure that every aspect of the window is functional. See this weblink for more insights.

Vinyl Windows Care and Maintenance

  1. Inspect The Window Screens

Ensure that you always keep an open eye on holes and scratches on your windows Whitby screens. Check for loose screws and tighten them. It is important to check and make sure that the tracks are sliding smoothly. If you find out that they are jamming, solve the problem immediately by vacuuming to make them clean, and then apply a lubricant.

  • Check The Glass And Sash.

Inspect whether there are cracks around the vertical and horizontal strips that hold the entire glass in place. Also, inspect for cracks in the glass. If you notice some fogginess on the glass, the reason could be that there is something that has affected the airtight seal on the window which contributes significantly to the energy efficiency properties of your window. If this is affected, your window stops to be energy efficient.

  • Weather-stripping.

This is another important aspect you should look at. Weather-stripping is the material that links joints of the frame of your window. It should not be discoloured, cracked or gummy. You should also make sure that there is no visible deterioration of the joints in any way, especially where the window is joined to the structure.

  • Drainage.

When inspecting your windows, make sure there is not wet spots or water building anywhere near the sill of the window. Water should be capable of draining easily through the “weep holes” in your window.

Make sure that the holes are clear from any clogs and if there is debris, remove them. You may require a certified windows Whitby expert to help you do this.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance.

Vinyl Whitby windows and doors are famous for their ease in cleaning. You just need a damp cloth to do this. For extensive cleaning, you can use a shampoo and mix it with water and then use a sponge for cleaning then rinse the windows using clean water.

  • Lubrication.

Windows are constructed with a variety of moving parts, and these parts must be lubricated regularly for smooth operation. When you see windows getting stuck when being opened, you should consider applying a lubricant to make it function as expected.

Our Favorite Homes of the Silver Screen

Cinema magic or good design? These iconic homes from some of the most well known films, both classic and contemporary, almost act as standalone characters in each film, providing the setting in a beautiful and appropriate way. Take a look at some of our favorite homes, architecture, and interior designs from the world of cinema.

Home Alone

This home, made famous in the 1990 John Hughes classic epitomized the dream estate for America’s upper class families of the midwest. This Georgian-style Colonial home was grand from the inside out, and featured a classic red-brick exterior with plenty of windows and an elegant archway, making it easily recognizable to anyone who has seen the film. Featuring a grand staircase, ample amounts of room, and a very of-its-time wallpaper, it’s easy to see why this was one of the warmest and coziest homes of our childhoods.

Gone with the Wind

Set upon this sprawling plantation, the home from Gone with the Wind is a deep south mansion that seems to have the importance of a character of its own, serving as the setting for Scarlet O’Hara’s family. This piece of Georgia history lies on the fictional plantation of Tara, which the house has come to be known as. Tara goes through its own transformative journey, from being a place of glamor and prestige to its destruction and desecration during the Civil War. In its prime, the house most notably has a large front porch, columns, and a white brick exterior, with big windows and blue shutters. While its furnishings remain bare towards the end of the film, it’s still possible to see the architectural beauty of the home it once was.

A Single Man

It’s easy to see the artistry of Tom Ford’s keen eye even in the backdrop of this film. In Ford’s directorial debut, this designer turned director chose a 1949 mid-century modernist’s dream as a backdrop for Southern California in the early 60s. Dark woods, paneled and beamed ceilings, with a sleek, low-slung sophistication provide the setting for this 2009 drama. Walnut woods create a warm, but quiet and understated home in this mid-century marvel that sits in the middle of an oak forest, with concrete and glass permeating the perimeter.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

There are two homes prominently featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that are still remembered by audiences over 20 years later. Ferris’s home had all the charms of an 80s time capsule, complete with the postered walls of a rebellious teen bedroom, and was what we all imagined a comfortable suburban home to be like, boasting 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. But more importantly, let’s talk about Cameron’s mid-century glass house that gets its moment to shine towards the end of the film. Not only is this small house set back among the trees, showing us just how secluded and luxe it is, but there’s a detached garage especially for the family Ferrari that makes its home inside. Made of steel and glass, this home is a gorgeous marvel that showcases all the best of mid-century design.


Talk about a dream closet. Not only did Cher’s bedroom and walk-in closet give us serious envy, but she also had the ideal staircase to make an outfit debut in. This sprawling Beverly Hills mansion, complete with multiple balconies and white pillars, allowed us to live out our valley girl dreams through our screen, and still remains vivid in our memory. It’s the quintessential Beverly Hills backdrop, but also acts as if it’s a character of its own. One thing is for sure, this film would not have the same effect without it.

Rental Property Management 101

So, you’ve decided to rent your property out. If this is your first foray into the world of property management, there are some ins and outs to learn. While essentially, you just purchase a property and lease it out to tenants and collect rent, property management is a little more nuanced than that broad definition.

While property management may be the easiest way into the world of entrepreneurship, it could potentially be the most risky as well. You will be liable for property that you don’t live on, you will have to deal with tenants, and you will also owe it to yourself to make your property as profitable as possible.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to property management, but there are some basics and general practices that will help you to avoid certain pitfalls. If you are a new landlord, don’t fly blind. Here are some guidelines to help you navigate property management and do so successfully.

Purchasing your first rental property

You have to be selective about what property you purchase for your first property management venture if you are not renting a property that you already own. Until you have a firm grasp of property management, it is best to start with a single family home. They are cheaper, and you only have to worry about maintaining one housing unit. Additionally, you only have to worry about one tenant or group of tenants instead of numerous tenants and rental agreements.

It is better to get your feet wet in a small pond before jumping into the ocean. If you do decide that you want to become a real estate mogul, managing one single family home will be a great proving ground for you. It will acclimate you to the responsibilities of making repairs, collecting rent, and managing the finances tied up in that property, including taxes.

If you don’t have the cash to buy a property outright, then you will have to sift through tenant credit check to see which one is right for you. You want to ensure that you get a mortgage that will allow you to make money off of your property rather than chain you down to a fruitless venture. Keep in mind when contemplating mortgage loans that you will need to consider your mortgage payments as an overhead cost of doing business. If your monthly mortgage payment doesn’t allow you to profit off of your property, then it is defeating the purpose of you renting out your property.

Also, you want your property to amaze prospective tenants. To do this, you have to think like a tenant. This shouldn’t be too hard to do since you likely have been a tenant before.

If you’re renting out a property that has been lived in previously, then you may want to do some bathroom and kitchen remodeling. These tend to be the two areas of the house that either draw or repel tenants. You want theses areas to be both stylish and functional.

Monetizing your property

The best business minds know that the key to maximizing profits, no matter the business venture, is to think outside of the box. You are not just a landlord who rents out your property to tenants who live there. You are a property manager who is open to all opportunities for growth.

Depending on the size of your property, it might be good for much more than just a space for renters to live. If you have property with an abundance of trees, you could sell the rights to your lumber to a local lumber company. If you have a green thumb and love to plant, you could use excess land to plant an organic garden. With the growing popularity of Farmer’s Markets and increasing health-consciousness, there is some serious coin to be made this way. Also, this is a great opportunity to make your property eligible for agriculture-based tax exemptions.

Dealing with tenants

How you deal with your tenants could be the foremost deciding factor in terms of your success as a landlord and property manager. You will want to screen prospective tenants to make sure that they are capable and responsible leasees. A simple tenant credit check will tell you most of what you need to know, especially when paired with a background check.

The thing that attracts most people to property management is the prospect of earning a profit without having to do much work. However, truth be told, there is much work that goes into successfully managing a property. The key thing is to do the work before buying and leasing out the property. If you do that, and remain diligent in maintaining your property, then you can enjoy passive income for a lifetime.