A Locksmith Fixed My Garage Door

I had no idea who I was going to call when I needed to have my garage doors looked at. I knew that there was something wrong with the motor because nothing happened at all when I pushed any of the garage door remotes. There was not even a whirring like the motor was trying to turn on. My neighbor suggested I contact a locksmith in Brisbane, which I thought was odd at first. I thought that a locksmith only did keys and locks, but it turns out that this one also does garage door motors.

I looked at the different services that the locksmith offers, and I knew that my neighbor was right to make this suggestion to me. Not only will this company replace motors in a garage door, but they can also replace the garage remotes if something happens to them. What also interested me was the fact that they can make it so I can access both the garage door as well as the gates with only one remote.